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November 09 2017


Honestly the closer we get to 2018 the less chill I am about the whole thing. 2018 sounds like we’re living in a fucking sci fi novel. It sounds completely fake. And then it’s on to 2020s like????? That’s completely impossible and I don’t believe you.


“Fat girls can’t-”
They can and they will buddy

November 07 2017


is anyone else just going through life like “yeah i just gotta get past this last difficult week and then it’s smooth sailing from there!” but like… every week

November 06 2017

I love it when I look out into a crowd to find your eyes already waiting to meet mine.
apoetscorner  (via shareaquote)
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don’t allow people to use you and manipulate you just because you love them.


not to be a downer but your twenties are super hard and super lonely and tv lied and it’s not glamorous at all and if you are having a hard time it’s ok and it’s normal and you’ll be ok

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okay but seriously

when i want a hug what i really want is a Ghibli hug.

because i mean-
















in the WORld

That’s because they come from the heart, yo

 how i feel about craigslisttheme

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Russia’s Big Ballet- 

The Big Ballet is a troupe of dancers from Russia who weigh a minimum of 220 pounds each. 

“The Big Ballet formed in 1994 and set out to deliberately and, above all, self-confidently challenge accepted social standards in a world where the pursuit of slenderness and beauty seems obsessive. The dancers courageously and imposingly prove that grace, elegance, charisma and nimbleness is not the demesne of the “thin”, proudly presenting their voluptuous yet surprisingly sinuous and flexible figures.”


questions men should ask themselves more often

- am i being unnecessarily forceful/loud?

- am i talking over others? are those others mostly women?

- why does this person feel like that? how can i acknowledge their feelings?

- does she seem comfortable around me? if not, why?

- am i devaluing women as a joke/when they make me angry? am i insulting women’s appearance and sanity whenever they make me angry?

- am i listening to other people’s knowledge/experiences or am i only talking about my own? how can i share my knowledge/experiences in a respectful way that doesn’t monopolize conversation or infantalize others (primarily women)?










What if someone got bitten by a vampire, but didn’t realize it. So then they go around and keep misidentifying all the symptoms, like

“Dude, you haven’t gone outside in a while.”
“Yeah, last time I went out I got this wicked sunburn.”

“Are you still up?”
“Yeah, I started bing watching this show on Netflix.”

“Dude, I’m seriously craving something right now.”
“Like what?”
“I dunno. Pizza rolls?”

“Why is it that you never come into my house unless I invite you?”
“Um, it’s called ‘being polite’…?”

“I tried cooking with garlic the other night and got this serious burn on my hand. I think I’m allergic, but all I’m getting on Google is vampire bullshit.”

“Dude can a mirror like… stop working or something?”

“Dude, why do you keep posting pictures of the floor?”
“…Those are meant to be selfies, I guess my camera must be broken.”

“Dude, I am all for you expressing your religious beliefs, but could you not wear your crucifix when I’m around? It really bugs me for some reason.”

“Have you ever noticed how cute bats are? like really noticed? sweet lil balls of fluff with wings man.”

“I want to sleep in a coffin…ya kno, for like… aesthetic”

“What’s with your thing about necks lately?”


“I looked up my symptoms on WebMD, and it says I have cancer.”

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Stranger Things (2016-)



I ask my self 48 times a day “am I being dramatic? Is this #toomuch?” the answer is always yes of course

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Each dead curl that he managed to brush with his fingertips transmuted into a golden fish that swam through the air. Cabeswater listened attentively to his intention; more leaves swirled to him, waiting for his touch. Soon, a flock – school – current of fish surrounded them, flashing and darting and changing colour as their scales caught the light. 

This piece owns my life. Literally. So. Many. Hours. Spent. On. This.

I’m currently reading the Raven King by @maggie-stiefvater and this scene captured me and I had to paint it, with my own take obviously. I did film this while drawing so there will be a speed-paint on youtube at some point but who knows when so for now I have a gif of some of the steps I took ronan and adam were originally there but yeah

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This is not who you are. You know who you are. Who you truly are.




this is what the rise of pedophile culture looks like–little girls are being indoctrinated into beauty rituals at earlier and earlier ages to feed the misogynistic pedophilic male gaze.

this is what the intersection of capitalism and misogyny looks like–fashion and beauty products are being marketed to females no matter their age as long as is generates profit and feeds the male gaze.

this is what porn culture looks like–due in part to the widespread availability of porn, females are considered sexual objects before they are considered human beings and so no matter what, a female must always be sexually available and presentable to men.

^Exactly. Please, when you see young girls who look like this, remember not to blame the literal children for their own oppression. They’re just trying to “fit in” and be accepted by their peers. Blame the fucking adults who sell them this image and profit from it.

Thank you for explaining what bothered me about children looking like that. I could never quite put my finger on it.


  • support fat girls with weird curves
  • support fat girls with no butt
  • support fat girls with small boobs
  • dont just support the hour glass/big booty “acceptable” fat girl
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