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So I was watching one of those elephant documentaries and some guy walked over to the elephants and the elephants all crowded round to look at him and stroke him with their trunks.

And it reminded me how when there’s a cat in the garden my entire family will go out and cuddle it.


Elephants think humans are cute.

Now we know what elephants blog about.

it’s actually proven that elephants view humans as we view cute animals.

elephants are so SWEET though you guys idk if you realize

like, they extensively mourn their dead and one of the things they do is cover them with leaves, and sometimes when people go to sleep on the ground in an area with elephants, they will wake up COVERED WITH LEAVES because some elephants found them and thought they were dead and it made them sad so they buried them!!!!!!!!  omg precious

and they aren’t really “scared of mice” but they will get upset and try really hard to get away from a mouse because (we think) they are really afraid of stepping on the mouse!!!  they know they are big and have big stompy feets and they are afraid of stepping on other animals!!!

also they form long-lasting friendships and when rescuing elephants it’s really important to keep friends together because they can get really depressed when they are separated!  when friends are reunited they make happy sounds and cuddle really close and it’s so cute and it makes me cry.  ;______;  i just, have so many elephant feels you guys

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