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April 01 2017

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you see? he lives  i n  y o u.


i wish i was thinner but i also wish that i didn’t wish I was thinner


teach your sons emotional intelligence


I just wanna talk shit in peace ok

March 27 2017

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Things aren’t always as they may seem

Harry Potter y el misterio del porqué me siguen blogs porno en Tumblr.


it’s really sad when you realize no one really knows who you are, your little habits, your favourite snacks, how you’re going to feel in certain situations. It’s pretty lonely.


i actually… love people who double or triple or infinity text … what are you excited about because i’m excited too! message me seven times please i’m glad you have a lot to say and i am willing to listen!!

March 26 2017

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northern downpour - panic! at the disco


why do people stay longer in my head than they do in my life

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I was thrilled to pieces when I saw this scene. Disney could have written Gideon off like some bully character who never really amounted to anything, or got what was coming to him like a lot of those characters do in their movies. 
Gideon made something of himself. He’s a pastry chef, something that’s not traditionally a job for men in media. And as soon as Judy speaks to him, he immediately apologizes to her. He doesn’t try to shrug it off as no big deal, or say that it was just boys being boys or whatever; he knows he hurt her, and he owns up to it. And Judy immediately forgives him. 

Well done, Disney. 

Also the language that he used is not something that he would have most likely grown up hearing/using. Describing his failings as self-doubt that manifested into “unchecked rage and aggression” sounds SO MUCH like therapy speak. So he’s either gotten counseling to help him with some of his problems, or sought out literature to help himself. A++ disney :)

This movie is a treasure.

March 24 2017

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A baby Charmander…! Please cherish this small potato.

Friendly reminder to check you’re not holding tension in your body. Let your shoulders drop, unclench your hands and jaw. Take a deep breath. Much better.


✨🍒this is very important🍒✨


RIGHT so when I started my sociology course in college, my teacher stated us off with 

‘well I guess we have to do icebreakers. i’m Jon, and I fear bears. why do I fear bears? because bears can run at 30 miles per hour and Chester Zoo is 30 miles away. that means a bear can be outside this door in an hour. why would a bear be here? because they can smell fear and I fear them.’

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