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August 07 2017

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W i n t e r f e l l  is our  h o m e

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Who taught you how to do that?
No one. 

August 06 2017


I’d rather have vampire fangs than a gender

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This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

I pray that September, October, November, & December are all months full of growth, blessings, productivity, new doors open & opportunities.


Damn so we just gave up on august already not even a full 24 hours

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If someone could love me for me no matter what I too would make that face


Languages are made up can you believe that? it’s just a bunch of phonetic sounds gibberish none of it actually means anything. this post??? i could smash my hand on the keyboard and it could mean the same thing, it only doesn’t because we say so. Nothing is real 

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This is very important!

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Send me to Mars with party supplies before next august 5th

No guys you don’t understand.

The soil testing equipment on Curiosity makes a buzzing noise and the pitch of the noise changes depending on what part of an experiment Curiosity is performing, this is the way Curiosity sings to itself.

So some of the finest minds currently alive decided to take incredibly expensive important scientific equipment and mess with it until they worked out how to move in just the right way to sing Happy Birthday, then someone made a cake on Curiosity’s birthday and took it into Mission control so that a room full of brilliant scientists and engineers could throw a birthday party for a non-autonomous robot 225 million kilometres away and listen to it sing the first ever song sung on Mars*, which was Happy Birthday.

This isn’t a sad story, this a happy story about the ridiculousness of humans and the way we love things. We built a little robot and called it Curiosity and flung it into the star to go and explore places we can’t get to because it’s name is in our nature and then just because we could, we taught it how to sing.

That’s not sad, that’s awesome.

*this is different from the first song ever played on mars (Reach For The Stars by Will.I.Am) which happened the year before, singing is different from playing

This is humanity

Happy Birthday, Curiousity.




my plan is to jog in a zip code where the average house is $1 million dollars. i jog everyday. i run into the trophy wives jogging club. we jog past each other so often, they’re forced to interact with me. we’re friends now. i’m invited places. i meet other millionaires, men who love me. i marry the richest, using an alias. throughout the first year of marriage, i’m moving assets and cash to an off shore bank account. i fake my own death on our anniversary. he’s heartbroken.

i started jogging in a new million dollar neighborhood. i’ve just made friends with the local jogging crew headed by ashtonlynn and brotyna “chichi” who has a single millionaire brother,

Is there any version of this plan where I don’t have to jog

u only have to jog past the ladies which is like 46 seconds. suck it up for the fraud of it all

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Birch Woods by Charles Liu

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for someone who likes to be alone most of the time, i really hate feeling lonely

August 05 2017

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You are my dream.

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As the river cuts his path, though the river is proud and strong, he will choose the smoothest course. That’s why rivers live so long, they’re steady as the steady beating drum.

Pocahontas (1995)


important personal question you must ask yourself: while most humans statistically have dark hair, it’s a very different matter in animated stories. what colour would ur hair be if u lived in a reality where people all had colourful hair

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